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  1. architect

    the first spam thread!

    Sarcasm post-update test Sarcasm post-update test this time inline.
  2. architect

    Important THE FIRST COLLAB

    Expired and locked
  3. architect

    Hello everyone

    hi there, please introduce yourself, after all that's the point of this forum
  4. architect

    the first spam thread!

    that's one very active thread according to stats You can also use this very useful tag now
  5. architect

    the first spam thread!

    When it's 5am:
  6. architect

    Done Spam subforum

  7. architect

    Important RTFM The suggesions meta

    This is a meta thread for suggestions. What is this forum about? You suggest features, developers/admins/mods respond to your suggestions and implement or reject them. What do all those prefixes mean? Invalid - Suggestion is invalid. Pending - Suggestion is pending decision/implementation...
  8. architect

    Done Spam subforum

    Please justify this suggestion This one will be added This one will follow as well
  9. architect

    Pending Showcase section

    Let's iron out some details about the showcase section. Here's the initial suggested plan: The showcase section is a webapp, where users can upload, showcase and share their creations. Types: Movies - video or swf files Art - images Interactive media (games) - unknown, probably zip Wishful...
  10. architect

    The First Thread

    that's kinda spicy
  11. architect

    Hello & welcome

    Hi there, welcome to the new Lock Legion cog community's gathering spot. Here you can discuss the matters with the community. It's still in the making, but you can help us build it and shape it.